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Mon, 4 July
7:15 pm from Quarry Bay – to Home Mr Lok Kwong Wing – JX 8610

Driver brakes suddenly. Not very smooth in terms of road and vehicle management. jerky driving, in fits and starts, so dizzying. Aircon is just a blower.

Rating 5/10

Amount charged: HKD

Tues, 5 July 2011
From home to Tai Koo Place 7:20 am

LP5344 Mr Lam Yip Sun

Refused to follow my preferred direction. Overall driving is good. Meter quite fast.

Rating: 6/10

Amount Charged: HKD 55

Tues, 5 July 2011

JS 8265 Lee Chui Kee

7:58 pm Quarry Bay to Mid-Levels

Brakes erratically. Keeps talking on his blue-tooth phone the whole trip.

Rating: 5/10

Amount charged: HKD 65

FD 9649 Wong chin Keung

Reckless and brakes irrationally. Took the turns like a NASCAR driver without his ADD medication.

Rating 4/10

Amount charged HKD 33

Sat, 9 July 2011 from Stubbs Road to IFC

MJ 5955 Wing Wai Fun

Planned to take longer route until I told him an alternative route. Radio too loud for passengers. Takes curves so fast at 40-50 km. Rough in his handling the cab.

Rating: 4/10

Amount Charged: HKD 42

Sat, 9 July 2011
Wanchai to Mid-levels

JW 3427, Wan Hin Tong Donmony

Erratic braking. Good music, clean car, beeping sound of phone in car

Rating: 5/10

Amount Charged: HKD 50

Mon, 11 July 7:25 am
Mid-levels to Tai Koo Fong

GK3824 Lam Chun Shang

Added HKD 2 surcharge for my rollerbag which I carry all the time. Followed directions. Did not know Tai Koo Fong so gave directions. driving is OK. Only one hand on the wheel most of the time. Left arm and elbow on armrest.

Rating: 5/10

Amount charged: HKD 54

Mon, 11 July 2011

Tai Koo Fong to Mid-Levels
6:55 pm
JW 3427, Wong Hin Ting Donmony

Races like a NASCAR driver, wears a ‘Kawasaki’ cap, takes turns at 40 to 50 kph and accelerates on the downslope, picked a very congested route

Rating: 4/10

Amount Charged: HKD

12 July
Mid-Lvels to Tai Koo fong

KE 2622 Wong Yun Lim

Young and good driver, clean cab, safe in taking turns, no sure with directions

Rating: 7/10

Amount Charged: HKD 52.50

12 July 2011
Tai Koo Place to Kennedy Road
7:00 pm

GM8133 Ngan Chi Wan

Good handling of the car during turns, but breaks suddenly, clean cab, no smell of smoke

Rating: 5/10

Amount Charged: HKD 60

13 July 2011
Midlevels to TaiKoo Fong 7:15 am
DB2268 Lai Wing On

Car smells of cigarette smoke, relatively clean cab interiors, ok handling of the car, passenger seatbelt does not work, aircon does not work well; not enough cold air

Rating: 5/10

Amount Charged: HKD 56

13 July 2011
Tai Koo Fing to Mid levels
7:30 pm
GA 3836 Leung Kin Hang

Very erratic braking system, accelerates too fast, cab clean but radio too loud, decided to take long route even if not much traffic and no accident.

Rating: 4/10

Amount charged: HKD 75

14 July 2011
Mid-Llevels to Tai Koo Fong
EP 1949 Yiu Shu Ling

Radio too loud, driver dressed in a singlet like he was going running (quite unkempt), grunts when he does not like you giving directions and your preferred route, takes turns at 40-60 kph, now at the Eastern Corridor and he is already at 100 kph.

Rating: 4/10

Amount Charged: HKD 60

17 July
KB3347 Chan Yuet Ming

Got place wrong even if I said Fah Yin Dow Din Yu Sat Gow Tong, drives very fast

Rating: 3/10

Amount charged : HKD 35

17 July 2011
GH 8847 Lee Shiu Tai

Garden Road to Pacific Place

Ok and safe friving but does not take humps well

Rating: 6/10

Amount Charged HKD 30.50




I’m talking about collective action to encourage good road manners and behaviour and, ultimately, ensure safety for everyone.

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